My name is Dénis and I’m a Dutch hobby photographer.

Photography to me, is a challenging and at the same time relaxing and creative exploration of the world around me. People and the landscape they have altered play a central role in many of my photos.

I like to photograph people as they are and capture life as it unfolds in an honest and respectful way. You can often find me on the streets where I look for interesting scenes or enjoy a cup of coffee while I watch people go about their daily lives.

I dabbled in collage. It allowes me to escape the apparent realism of photography. It appeals to another part of my personality and helps me broaden my perspective. I create my collages using the traditional method in which everything is cut and pasted by hand.

It's a fun and interesting process of searching, finding, destroying and creating. I intuitively combine photos, postcards and images from books and magazines to create new realities. Unique scenes that capture the imagination and invite people to take a closer look.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments regarding my work.